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Royal Siberian Cattery's

Princes and Princesses


The kings are our male adult Siberian cats.


The queens are our female adult Siberian cats.


Many Siberian kittens are coming very soon! Contact us for information!

Our kittens

Why Us?

There are many reasons to choose a Siberian cat. Apart from their low-allergens compared to other cats, they are also quite cute, cuddly, and majestic! They are playful, friendly, and full of fun! Genetically, they are naturally healthy and less prone to health issues. Siberians are typically very pleasant and social to other people and animals. With that said, they are sometimes called "dog-like" cats, as they have friendly personalities that are similar to dogs!

Why OUR Siberian cats? Well, at the Royal Siberian Cattery, we take pride in our cats. They come from top bloodlines. We love our cats very much, and completely dedicated to their health, wellness, and superiority. We are devoted to ensuring that all cats are happy and friendly, so kitten buyers like you will enjoy them as pets!


Please contact us if you have any questions about our cats, or if you'd wish to buy a kitten.

Thank you for contacting the Royal Siberian Cattery!

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